Online Dating: How to Stay Safe values your safety above all else. That is why we have compiled a comprehensive list of safety tips for creating your online dating profile and meeting with others you contact through our website. We are committed to protecting your privacy and identity and have a system in place to report abuse of members.

Please follow these tips to ensure your safety while enjoying online dating.

Protect Your Personal Information

The best way to protect your identity and personal information in an online dating profile is to remain completely anonymous. Create a brand new email address to use when you set up your profile, and choose a username that has no personally identifying information.

Don’t disclose your home address, work address, or phone number on your profile or when first making connections with other singles. In fact, it is best that you keep your name, especially your last name, private until you are ready to meet someone in person.

While every member is responsible for his/her own behavior toward other members, keep in mind that usernames or profile information that is overtly sexual or provocative in nature may attract negative attention. This also applies to usernames that generally spark cultural, religious, or interpersonal controversy.

Remain in control of your personal information at all times. Proceed slowly when making initial contact with other users, and do not allow another member to pressure you into revealing personal contact information (address, phone number, email address, full name, etc.) before you are ready.

If you encounter someone who is pressuring you to reveal personal or financial information, stop contact with this person immediately and report him or her to site administration. Please do this to not only protect yourself but other members who may be in contact with this person.

If you use a shared computer, do not save your username and password in the browser or on the website. This is so others cannot easily access your personal and financial information.

If you use a personal computer, consistently run virus scans and keep your security software regularly updated. In the same vein, it is wise to not open email attachments from members you have only recently met.

Making Connections

Make sure you take your time to get to know someone before providing personal information or agreeing to meet face-to-face. Follow your instincts about each person you meet. If your gut says “Run,” then don’t take the online connection any further.

Our website provides email and live chat services that will enable you to learn about your connections within a safe, controlled environment. Please utilize the provided platform for a significant period of time before providing personal information to other members. If and when you do decide to provide a personal contact information, begin by providing the anonymous email address you made when creating your dating profile.

Do not allow your feelings to override your instincts and common sense. After making initial contact with someone, stop and consider your initial impression and how comfortable you are with this person. Be very careful about the information you share in your first few conversations. Not only does withholding a certain amount of information allow for some mystery, but it keeps you safe in the event that the person on the other side of the screen has ill intent.

Exercise care and responsibility when communicating with other members. Our website background check can only reach so far, so it is imperative that you independently research your connections before providing personal information or agreeing to meet them in person. Make sure that you search social networking websites and conduct a thorough web search of the name you are given and the profile photos where possible.

No matter how long you have been talking with a person or how well you feel you may know them, do not under any circumstances provide your connections with financial information. If a member asks you for money or bank account information, stop contact with this person immediately and report the incident to site administration. Not only is this behavior a red flag for a relationship, it is considered inappropriate conduct and against the rules of use on this site.

If you are offended, threatened, or insulted by another member, report this person to site administration at once. does not tolerate abusive behavior of any type and values the comfort and security of its members. If you encounter suspicious or verbally abusive behavior, do not hesitate to contact us. By reporting the issues, you are not only keeping yourself safe, but you are helping us to create a safe, comfortable environment for all members.

Meeting in Person

It can be exciting to meet someone for the first time, and it can also be quite nerve wracking. Take the proper steps to ensure that you are being careful when you finally feel comfortable enough with someone to meet him or her in person. Even if you have communicated extensively via phone and email, you still do not fully know this person. Take the appropriate precautions, even if you have already been on several dates with the same person.

First, make sure that you both agree on plans. If you are not ready to meet, do not allow the other person to pressure you. If you are only comfortable with an afternoon coffee date, then don’t agree to a late dinner date. Agree to the parameters of the date before meeting.

Second, always, always, ALWAYS have your first several dates in public. Choose a place that you both agree on and that you are familiar with. Don’t allow your date to pressure you into going home with him or her or vice versa. Never meet in a private location unless you feel completely comfortable doing so.

You will often meet with people who seemed different online than in person. While you are staying guarded, it is likely that your date is doing the same. Take the time to get to know someone past the information listed on his or her dating profile.

Do not feel guilty for leaving a terrible date early. You are not obligated to give this person your time if you are certain there will be no second date. Politely excuse yourself and move on.

If you are physically or sexually assaulted against your will, report the incident to the police immediately.

Don’t Get Scammed: Protect Yourself!

We make a significant effort to screen all applicants before allowing them to become members of our website. However, there is always the possibility that some less than reputable people have squeaked past our screening process. For this reason, it is important that you understand how to spot someone who might have less than reputable intentions.

A member might be trying to scam you if:

  • He/she asks for money, bank account details, or other financial information.
  • He/she hits you with a sob story of financial destitution such as being unable to pay rent or having a seriously ill friend or family member.
  • He/she tries to convince you to participate in a surefire business venture for a small start-up cost.
  • He/she has an overly emotional profile that invokes pity (recently widowed, victim of abuse, abandoned by former partner, etc.)
  • He/she waits a significant amount of time to talk with you and gain your trust before asking for financial support.
  • He/she needs money on short notice for an emergency and asks you to wire it to him/her.
  • He/she avoids direct speech and is vague when answering questions.
  • He/she avoids speaking over the phone or video chat.

Keep yourself safe:

  • Avoid sharing pictures or detailed private information about yourself until you feel safe and confident that you can trust your connection.
  • Do not give another member money for any reason. If they ask, report them to site administration.
  • If you have become emotionally involved but are having doubts about the relationship that is forming, involve a trusted friend or family member to help you determine if your judgment has become clouded and if you should severe ties.

How to Report a Problem

If you suspect that another member may be trying to scam you out of money or may have ulterior motives for pressuring you to meet in person, stop communications at once and report him/her to site administration.

Please do not allow guilt, fear, or shame to prevent you from reporting suspicious or abusive activity. Our site administration needs to know when problems occur so that we may deal with it quickly and efficiently to maintain a safe online environment for our members.

We make an effort to monitor on a regular basis, but there will be times when we miss things. Please notify us of inappropriate behavior or offensive content on member profiles. We will move swiftly to remove the profile and the member from our system.

As always, please report violence, abuse, or threatening behavior to your local police department.

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