Why try online dating?

Online dating adds an advantage to your dating life that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Rather than relying on chance to meet the person of your dreams and confining yourself to geography, online dating provides you with the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and from all walks of life. You even have the advantage of getting to know someone before meeting them face to face. First dates have the option of moving past the “get to know you stage” and engage in more meaningful conversation. Online dating takes some of the risk out of dating because you will know something about the person you are dating before you meet with them. And because everyone on our website is interested in dating, you won’t have to guess at whether someone is available or interested.

Is online dating successful?

Absolutely. Millions are using online dating to make friends, date casually, and find meaningful, long-term relationships. However, online dating in itself is not successful without effort on the part of the individual. If you want to establish meaningful connections, it’s important to take the time create a strong profile and communicate with other members.

With meaningful effort, you could establish strong friendships, have some fun, or even meet the love of your life. In fact, nearly half of the people establishing long-term relationships today have met one another online.

Is online dating safe?

We pride ourselves in maintaining strict confidentiality and protecting the privacy of our members. We do not share your personal contact information with other members so they can only contact you through our messaging system. If another member gets your personal contact information, it will be because you chose to give it.

We do strongly encourage you to use discretion when deciding to meet with someone in person. If someone made you uncomfortable through our messaging system, strongly consider not sharing personal information and foregoing an in-person meeting.

If you do choose to meet someone in person, always use common sense, meet in a public place, and let a trusted friend or family member know who you’re meeting and where you will be. We also strongly suggest not providing your home address until you have had several dates with someone.

We carefully screen our members to ensure that you will not fall prey to scammers or predators. Our members’ information can be easily verified ensuring that each person you communicate with is in search of a date or committed relationship. If a member asks you for money at any time for any reason, please immediately report them to site administration.

How do I create a strong profile?

Your profile is going to be your first impression with thousands of members and will be the way most people determine whether or not they will contact you. While it’s a lot of pressure, the best advice we can give is to keep your profile light-hearted and honest. Keep it short and direct without revealing personal information. It can be difficult to walk the fine line between protecting your information and being genuinely honest to find a potential mate. Put some careful thought into creating your profile page.

Although it can be difficult to strike the balance between oversharing and not sharing enough, there are certain things you should never share on your profile. These include your personal contact information (address, email, phone number, work address), your last name, and anything else that might be better saved for once trust is established.

Is a photo necessary for a strong profile?

A profile photo is going to establish a level of trust with other members and make it far more likely that you will receive messages and replies. You can even choose several photos that other members can view that display your interests and personality. Choose photos that you feel will catch the attention of other members (excluding nudity or pornography). Many people like to use vacation pictures or pictures of themselves engaging in a favorite hobby such as traveling, backpacking, or enjoying time with friends.

How much is a membership?

We take pride in providing a safe, members-only website where you can mingle and meet other singles who are serious about establishing a relationship. We want you to meet people from all around the world within our safe online environment and believe that you should get your money’s worth for our services.

We have membership plans that you can pay for monthly, every three months, every six months, or yearly.

See pricing link for details.

The longer your membership plan, the more you save on a monthly basis.

How can I pay for my membership?

You can make a secure payment using your credit or debit card, like Nakumatt Global Card or your PayPal account.

We do not accept cash, personal checks, or direct pay from a bank account.

If you choose to pay through PayPal, you can save your payment information to easily make future payments. We will not keep your credit or debit card information.

Which is better: A paid dating site or a free dating site?

While free dating sites can be fun and somewhat successful, they are often used by those who are less serious about dating and relationships. Since anyone can sign up, it is far more likely that you will encounter fake profiles, misleading information, or even scammers. If someone is paying for a membership on a dating website, it generally means that they are serious about finding someone to date and are less likely to take advantage of other members.

How do I decide when to meet with someone in person?

This decision should be made on an individual basis depending on the member you are in communication with. Don’t rush a face to face meeting. Once you feel comfortable enough, set up a date in a familiar public place, and remember to follow the safety tips!

Do you offer a guarantee?

No. There are no guarantees in the dating world, and that applies to online dating as well. Your success with online dating depends on the amount of effort you invest, and only you can decide what that will be.

However, if you spend one year with our website and with no results, you may be eligible to receive an additional year free of charge. Your profile must be honest with a visible photo, and you must communicate with at least five matches per month for the entire year.

If, after expending the effort, you still have not achieved the relationship results you were hoping for, then you can be considered for one year of free service.

How do I get in contact with administration?

Our contact details are listed at the bottom of every page on the website. There is also a “Contact” link that can be accessed from the home page. You may use the contact form to reach us, and we will respond to your message within twenty-four hours.

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